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    Default safety items

    With the seasons here is there a list of emergency numbers one should take into the field with them ? Lets here what saftey items and or contact information one should have.

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    Here is the list I keep on my sat phone and gives me a pretty good sense of security. No matter where I am in the state I know one of these organizations are going to help me out.
    Ak State Troopers King Salmon 1-907-246-3346
    Kenai Flight Emergency 1-907-283-3466
    Air Force Rescue Center 1-800-420-7230
    USCG Rescue Coord. Cntr 1-907-463-2000
    USCG Comm. Cntr 1-907-487-5156
    Life Guard Providence 1-800-478-5433
    Life Flight 1-800-478-9111

    Love to hear any others.


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