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Thread: Fillet Station Near Kenai/Kasilof?

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    Default Fillet Station Near Kenai/Kasilof?

    Filet Station Near Kenai/Kasilof

    Anyone have any advice/recommendations for fillet tables near Kenai/Kasilof. Where do you fillet your catch?

    A few years ago as a newbie, I made the mistake of taking my fish home to fillet and v-seal. Won't ever do that again.

    I've taken it to a processor to vacuum seal and fillet and I didnt get my fish back. Won't ever do that again.

    My recommendation is bring a saw horse or ironing board and clean and gut right on the beach. One year I did the ironing board thing but have found sawhorses and scrap wood work the best.

    Now, I fillet before I get home and v-seal at home. The past few years I have found a few stations along the Kenai, (public access/boat launch areas) but its a lot of work to haul a full 152 qt cooler down to the rivers edge (100 yards) and I always wonder the legality of it.

    Some F&G warden 30 miles up river that sees me and a buddy filleting 100 fish gets suspicious. (Isn't it illegal to take from Kasilof and discard carcasses in Kenai? Ie. Those illegal transporting of fish commercials)

    I have always thought if Im headed back to Anchorage, a 30 mile down to the Seward harbor for a nice cleaning station with clean water isnít that long of a side trip.

    Any other ideas? Feel free to share or ask questions.


    See you out there,


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    When I am dipnetting at the Kasilof I stay at the Stedi Campground. It is located a few miles north along K-beach road.

    This place was once a cannery and they have a nice stainless steel table with sinks and water for cleaning your catch. We gut the fish on the beach on a sawhorse and then fillet and v-pack at the campground.

    I believe that they do offer fish cleaning only for a small fee to use the facility. May want to call and see what they offer. The owners are also dipnetters and really friendly folks.

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    As long as you cut tails before leaving fishing area, you are legal to transport PU salmon.

    I use the saw horse/plywood method at home. I also put a drywall screw through the plywood to slam the fish head on to keep it from sliding all pver. Don't catch your hand on it - it hurts! Don't ask.
    ETA: Be sure to mark your card too.


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