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Thread: Eagle River Polaris and Arctic Cat

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    Default Eagle River Polaris and Arctic Cat

    Anyone have thoughts/comments/experiences regarding the Eagle River Polaris/Arctic Cat dealer? Specifically in regards to the maintenance department.

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    Thumbs up Erpac

    I just got back from there today. I burned up the winch on my X2. I took it in and they had it replaced within the hour . It think those guys are AWESOME. They also replaced the stator/magneto cause it kept dying a few weeks ago but that took a bit longer......due to the fact they had to order the parts. Oh yeah and they are a really nice bunch of guys. Why did you have a problem with them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AkHunter45 View Post
    Eagle River Polaris is not the same shop as Eagle River Yamaha!

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    Yeah, your right, my mistake.

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    Default ER Polaris

    I just ordered some parts from them after giving up on Hartley Motors. If this deal is how they always do business then they have a new customer. Very nice to work with...

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    Default The Polaris shop is just fine!

    I've even gone there a couple of times to get little piddly parts when my own brand shop was already closed. They have been helpful, informative and not too pushy when I've gone over there looking at stuff...

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    Default Matt there is awesome!

    Has really helped me out quite a bit with several of my wheelers....

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    Good bunch. Sometimes is takes a while to get parts or get the machine looked at, but they always get it done. Only bad thing I can think of is they are always short on accessories like goggles, helmets, etc. This is usually solved by walking about 100 yards.

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    Thumbs up Great Guys!!!

    I been working with these guys for years. I hate to say this but I tried all the other dealers in southcental and they don't hold a candle to these guys. If you need something just give them a call and if they don't have it they will get it. The only other place that really will try to help you is Alaska House Of Yamaha in Big Lake.

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    Default two thumbs up

    I went in to buy a governor bypas for the kids z120. They told me not to waste my money and explained how to do it with a zip tie. They could have made a buck but chose to educate me. I have all my toys serviced by them. I will continue to do business with them.

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    I have not used them for any ATV work but did have them modify my old Powder Pig 580 EFI by adding Bearcat clutches and springs. The guy that used to run the shop actually talked me into it by letting me ride his wife’s machine. Best mod I ever did, and the service and advice from those guys was spot on!
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