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Thread: WARNING: Parks Highway Closed and other issues

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    Default WARNING: Parks Highway Closed and other issues

    WARNING: In case anyone hasn't been paying attention, we are receiving large amounts of rain in the Upper Susitna Valley. The Parks highway is closed to all traffic at mile 121 just north of Trapper Creek, ALL creeks are flooding. Petersville Road is flooded at Moose Creek and open only to local traffic. Moose Creek bridge at Oilwell Road is impassable. Do the local emergency service folks a big favor and stay home for the time being. Non-local traffic was causing big problems on Friday and Saturday.

    There is no estimated time that the Alaska Railroad or Parks Highway will open again. Those heading north on the Parks are advised to travel the Richardson Highway. There are unconfirmed reports of road closures along the Richardson also, as well as confirmed reports of snow fall.


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    Default thanks

    thanks for the update doug.


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