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    Question Jet Ranger Question's

    Someone please give me the "Skinney" on the Jet Ranger inflatable jet raft. I checked it out a couple months back at the sports show, spoke to the dealer indepth about it, then watched the video, but now I would like to hear from those that have had the opportunity to use one in different recreational scenario's(Hunt/Fish/camp/ etc...)
    I know what my likes and dis-likes are about it so far, but I was hoping to compare mine with those that have experience actually owning/using the boat. Any and all comments are appreciated, and thanks in advance for your attention to this matter.
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    I bought one at the boat show this year, I really have not got to get it out on a hunt yet. But I did take it out for a weekend and was happy that it didnt take very much water to get around.(couple of inches)I put a pretty good load in it to test it and it did fine, should haul enough for a two man camp easily. As most things you got to customize it to fit your needs. All that said I cant wait to do a fly out hunt with it.
    Do a search here, is some pretty good info on this site about the JR.

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    Default One satisfied Jet Ranger customer...

    Check this out. Steve sounds like a satisfied owner in this thread...


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