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    I have a cluster of Glocks. Or is it a gaggle of Glocks, I'm not sure of the correct terminology but anyway I 've been shooting a few of them lately. I have a 20, 21, 23, and a 37. Calibers are basically a 10 mm and a 10 mm short (40 S&W), a 45 ACP and a 45 short (GAP). Well they are such shootable and pathetically ugly pieces of equipment but one of the many nice things about them is that they all feel about the same, The grip, the trigger, the sights everything is just like peas in a pod.

    I have to say that the caliber I thought to be totally unnecessary, the 45 GAP is such a dandy. It is very efficient, making good use of small charges of powder, and very accurate. It will send 185 grain Sierra JHC's out at 1000 fps and seems to have very little recoil, this I think is a trait of Glocks in general, light recoil. The 200 grain FPJ's hit 900 fps from the 4.5" barrel. These loads give up penetration to the 230 from the ACP but in a CC defensive pistol that isn't so bad. I think I would like to try a smaller gun in this caliber. The G23 is one of my favorites but in the same package I think I'd opt for the 45 GAP and for the ultimate compromise in size and power the 45 GAP might just be it.

    I know, I can get along with out any of the Glocks but they are such good, easy to use, easy to care for kind of pistol that you just have to have a few. Besides they are disposbale, right? They are just cheap plastic, you just shoot about 50,000 rounds through one then toss it.

    I have a Safariland paddle for these (fits about three of them) and I did about 300 rounds of holster work with this set up yesterday, in about three calibers, and I think it was a good set up. The guns seem to jump out of the holster and I found it easy to find the big dot front sight in front of me face, plastered on the target. I had one fail to feed in the ACP and that was my one uncrimped round (did it for a test), it just didn't close all the way but did with a push (bad technique I know). But you can stop a Glock.

    Another good thing about the GAP is that it is just cute, I mean if a single round of ammo can be cute, this one is. It also seems to perform well with powders that work so well in the 9mm and forty. Specifically, Vihta 3N37, ideal for the 9mm and light to mid bullet weights in the forty but not so well in the 45 ACP, requiring a change of powder for best results. But the stubby little GAP it gobbles up 3N37 and burns every kernal. So I guess it is in keeping with the new short mags of the day this Austrian remake of the 100 year old all American 45 ACP, or maybe I'll call it the 45 Stubby.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Murphy View Post
    Besides they are disposbale, right? They are just cheap plastic, you just shoot about 50,000 rounds through one then toss it.
    I think I could live with that! As for the .45 GAP, it is a good idea that never caught on. It's tough to find a 37 these days. Finding ammo for it is difficult but possible, but it's expensive even by .45 ACP standards. I'd definitely want to make it a reloading proposition. I've shot the 37 and it feels like a Glock! Does it take the G21 holsters? I know it won't fit the 17/22 holster....


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