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Thread: August 2 - 16

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    Question August 2 - 16

    I just found out I will be up near Anchorage either the first or second week of August I know I will miss the Kings, but what would be my best bet for those two weeks. Normally (I know things are late this year), would there be silvers in already or is it just reds, trout and dollies? I'll have transportation but no boat (though I might be able to get access to a pontoon) and am definitely not opposed to driving 4-5 hours to get some fishing in. We did ok on reds last year, but preferred chasing the 'bows.


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    not the most desirable place on earth.


    The silvers should be at Ship Creek then.

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    There should be some early silvers showing up in the Parks Highway streams (Willow, Sheep, Montana) along with LOTS of pinks and some chums. There will also be lots of pinks in Bird Creek and Resurrection Creek. Reds should still be rocking in the Russian River and Upper Kenai, and rainbow rishing should still be good in both places and on the Parks Highway streams. There are grayling to be had by hiking into Crescent Lake. Silvers will be getting close to Seward, and you can rent a skiff for $100 at Miller's Landing to go out and troll for them.


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