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Thread: Reds in Mid July?

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    Default Reds in Mid July?

    I am planning a trip to AK the week of July 14th through the 20th. I have always had good luck the last week of June at the Russian but I have never tried this time frame. What could I expect at the Russian or Kenai during this week? I know fishing is fishing, but I am hope my timing will be ok to catch some reds and maybe a king. Any input is greatly appreciated-
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    Default Mid July

    Normally I would say that your timing is very good, however the last couple of years the runs have been very late. So far, it looks like this year is also very late.

    Nevertheless, there will be fish present and if you put your time and effort in, I suspect that you will find sucess.

    Depending on the run size for the Russian, based on last year, you may be too early, but you should be able to hook up on the lower during that time.

    Good luck


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