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Thread: information regarding energy drinks/bars

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    Default information regarding energy drinks/bars

    Everyone out there has a product that claims to do it all in regards to energy drinks/bars. I stumbled across some made by the wilderness athlete .org when reading Eastman's Hunting Journal. There are many testimonials stating that this stuff really works but I am the world's biggest skeptic when it comes to stuff like this and figure that it is all a waste of money. On my sheep hunts I usually just use Gator-Ade and energy bars made by Bear Valley. I will admit that when you are bonking these two together really pick you up. I am looking for something that is going to allow me to recover faster after working out and something that will give me more sustained energy. I already eat very sensibly but wondered if there is any credibility to wilderness athlete's products. I am interested to see if anyone who subscribes to this forum is either a nutritionist, a doctor or has actually tried this stuff. Thanks.

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    sheep & goat hunting, you're going to consume a lot of energy, with less O2, & loads of work (heavier with pack) with're going to cramp, potassium & salt are necessary ingrediants to stave off cramping...your gatoraide gives you plenty of carbs, as well, not to cramp up, so bring the powdered you can bring energy bars, ensure that you have plenty of protien to recover your lost stores...anytype of whey protien MRP (meal replacment) shakes can also aid in your recovery, & plenty of minerals & vitamins to revitalize your needs, add creatine & glutemine & you got yourself a very powerful combination, all powdered & light weight, I use those three for weightlifting, it works for recovery...these would be a way better choice than any type of caffinated energy drink...stay away from them as they are diuretic (loss of H20 via urine & sweat) & will increase cramping. will guide you further for your needs & supplements...choose wisely...

    Me personally I use Myoplex original MRP that offers 42g of protien, per serving...& found a wholesaler that sells them for less than $2.50 an MRP...IM me for the wholesaler eh...

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    Default Body Fortress/Extreme Bars

    I have switched from Powdered Gatorade and Powerade(can make you constipated) to Body Fortress Creatine Fruit Punch from Wallys. 12.95 for three pounds of it. It makes about 60 servings so you only have to take half container.

    The MLO Extreme Energy Bars also from Wallys with 25 g of protein and 5 g of Creatine are darned good and are about 1.25 per bar. This is good stuff.

    This is what I am going with.

    Metrx Meal Replacement drink and Metrx cookie bars are my other mainstays.

    Find the stuff you like and roll with it.



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    Default Hydration and Recovery

    I have had really good results using the same methods for maintaining energy and endurance during long treks in the mountains, woods, prairies and desert with a gun and pack that I use for training and racing long distance triathlons. My first three rules are hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. If I am not pi$$ing often and almost clear, I know I am dehydrated and it is affecting performance. Peoples ability to absorb calories and fluids vary but generally, you can absorb about 300-400 calories an hour and between 20 and 30 ounces of fluids. After that you just get bloated.

    Before: eat good food and start out well hydrated.
    During: gatorade or similar in powder form, energy bars (pick your favorite), and GU (a gel with long chain sugars for emergency pick me up). Stay hydrated. Fluids are best absorbed by the body by drinking 3 or 4 gulps every 10-15 minutes. For really long days in the field, I also eat food.
    After: Recovery drinks (Endurox R4 is my favorite, but there are many) and hydrate. Recovery drinks work like magic. (So does the perfect mix of food) The body has an optimum window to absorb nutrition of about 45 minutes after a hard effort.

    I am not a nutritionist but have done a lot of research and trial and error in this area for training and competition. The approaches that I use have translated well to the field.

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    shaklee makes a drink called "performance" whats the olympic ski team uses, i started using it and the clients laugh, till about day two then they are tappin' into the stuff, i sweat half as much, rejuvinate faster, we call it "magic juice" its amazing!
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    What's in the stuff and where do you get it? Thanks.


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