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Thread: Any Willow Creek reports?

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    Default Any Willow Creek reports?

    I have been wondering about Willow Creek since there seems to be a few fish showing up at Sheep Creek.

    Anyone have a report?
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    I believe there was a 54 pounder weighed for the derby yesterday 6-28.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trouthead View Post
    I believe there was a 54 pounder weighed for the derby yesterday 6-28.
    about ****ed time!!!

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    Default willow

    Fished it yesterday. Did a lot of searching and finally found 1 little spot with a couple kings. Took home a half blushed 20 lb hen. Saw a couple people down at the mouth hook up, but there were lots of people down there. Various rafters reports: one said he'd only seen one fish from the highway down, another told me 3 were seen and another guided group only saw 4 in several days. I've never seen so few fish there this time of year. We'll see. . . .

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    Not Willow but I caught a 18 pound king at montana and my buddy got a 34 pounder. on saturday. Fishing was slow. We fished the opener till 3am and did not see a fish caught. It picked up a little about 9 and when we left at noon 6 had been caught including our 2.
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    Default successful

    Fished mouth of Willow Sunday night 11pm to 12:30 am Monday with dad and brother. I hooked up 11:50, pulled out, again at 11:59, landed a 30ish hen in very good condition. Dad and bro landed cookie cutter 18#ers about 12:30, dime bright, just past sea lice condition. I saw about a dozen others during that hour, and all were very bright. It was a good push of new fish, very encouraging this time of year. It didn't feel like a school of thousands, but today should really tell the tale; at least there's still ocean bright fish showing up!


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