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Thread: Sheep Creek or Willow?

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    Default Sheep Creek or Willow?

    I have read the thread on Sheep Creek. Wondering what the Willow might be like? Also, how far down on the Sheep? Will be bank fishing. Heading out this afternoon. Any thoughts?

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    Default Sheep Creek

    Headed out yesterday at about noon. Got to sheep and the parking lot was crowded. Started to get my waders on and then I remembered I left my fishing poles. So, drove another 50 miles back to town for my rods. Got back on the creek about 3:00 or so. I wouldn't call it hot, but there were a few fish being caught. My girlfriend outfished me and we ended up leaving with only her fish. It was a nice 25-30lb hen and it wasn't too blushed... I'll probably head back out on Monday, hoping for less crowds... Fish on.........
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    Default Sheep creek Hen- about 30 pounds

    My brother got one just like it but a little smaller.

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    Seeing a lot of good looking fish. Most years there is only one of ten fish worth keeping on the parks streams this late in the year.

    That pic is a nice fish. Congrats on some good eating. Thanks for sharing.

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    Default Sheep Creek fish a mix

    The female I caught in the pictures isn't as red as it looks either. It was dead in the water for a while before I took the picture. Small groups of fresh fish moving in every couple of hours. Yesterday I saw a lot of big red fish hooked and rolling. And a Few small bright fish. Today it was the opposite. Lot's of medium to larger size fish that were bright and a few small dark red ones. I have been up for 31 hours straight, time for a nap. Good luck fishing to all!

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    Default Sheep Kings

    Went back today. The crowds were smaller but there was still room to fish. Went back to the hole where my girlfriend caught her king on Saturday. Spent about an hour drifting and finally hooked up. It was a pretty blushed out hen, about 30lbs or so. I figured it might be the only king I catch, so I bonked it's head. It'll smoke up just fine... Even though next weekend will be the last weekend, the way the fish were red, I'd probably say they won't be worth catching by then. If you need to get a king, this might be your best bet in the valley! You only have a few more hours though. Good luck and tight lines...

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    Default Little Willow

    Monday, June 30th
    Nothing at northern mouths of went to Little Willow!
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    My boss fished at Willow all weekend and they ended up with 5 by the time weekend fishing ended there. Nothing bright, all were turning pretty red. The fishing wasn't "hot" but there were fish being caught.

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    Default Willow mouth

    At the mouth, from fillet table down to the lower stump, it was decent fishing Sunday night and Monday night. Of the 7 I landed Monday night, 5 were dime bright. 2 were medium dark; would have been ok now, but not in a week. Problem was, the fish I wanted to keep were both fouled; I hate Murphy! Sunday night my brother, dad and I each kept a fish, from 11pm to 12:30 am. It was very good fishing during that time; a fish on just about constantly, with up to 4 on at a time.

    With the number of bright fish coming in, it shows some new fish just came through the inlet. Hopefully they will continue to make it up here!

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    Quote Originally Posted by biglou View Post
    My girlfriend outfished me and we ended up leaving with only her fish.
    Glad to hear I'm not the only one with this problem.


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