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Thread: halibut size limits

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    Default halibut size limits

    hi guys im new here. im from the lower 48. last year when we were up at homer there was talk the dnr might change the limits on halibut from 2 fish a day. later i was told that they had set a limit of 1 fish over 30 there any truth in that story? or was it just a story? i dont plan on being back up till a year from now but i was just wondering what to expect.

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    From right now what I know is nothing has changed. I don't for see them doing anything until this winter.
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    DNR? No. Anything in area 3A (South-Central Alaska) is still open to 2 halibut of any size.

    The talk you may have heard has to do with 2C Charter operators (South East Alaska) and the new federal limits allowing only 1 fish per day to be taken when fishing from a charter boat. That law is on the books, but a federal judge just issued a Preliminary Injunction against it last week, so we're back to the same limitations as last year... anglers fishing from charter boats may take 1 fish of any size per day, and if they take 2 fish, the second fish must be under 32" in length. It's not "likely" that the injunction will be overturned or lifted until after the summer fishing season, but keep an eye on the ADF&G and NOAA sport fishing websites for updates.

    (Actually, ADF&G was quick to post a News Release about the 1-fish rule, but as of today haven't rescinded or removed the release even though the rule has been injoined... odd...)

    Anyone fishing from a non-chartered vessel (private yacht, brother-in-law's skiff, etc.) may still take 2 fish of any size as per State regulations.

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