I wonder how many others may have heard about the SonofHibachi out there?I purchased one off Ebay a couple weeks ago and have used it a few times already.... Wow! Really neat little item. Its a little fold up hibachi that is super easy to load,light and use. A very sturdy well made item that Im sure I'm gonna love on my September flyout with fresh grayling and bou backstraps sizzlin' atop.
After your food of choice is done you fold it back up and shove it back in the fire retardent store pouch hot and it snuffs out your charcoal so you can get a couple of cooks off the same load!
very well made and worth the 60 bucks. The grayling topped with seasoning and elaphant garlic 45 miles back in Eureka was much wecomed. Try googleing SonofHibachi, good descriptions. Just thought I'd share.