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Thread: Homer Boat Rental????

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    Default Homer Boat Rental????

    Well I put the UHMW on the boat last year, glued it on with Alaska Airboats in Wasilla. One trip up the river and it's coming off. Don't have a boat for my summer vacation in Homer next week. Anyone know of boat rentals down there? I have all the gear and I don't like to Charter I have my own spots to fish. Can't cancel the trip I paid for a house for a week,$1,500. Plan was to go fishing. Might get boring 7 days without a boat.



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    Unhappy Homer

    There was a post about this a while back and I don't beleive there is a boat rental place in Homer. Someone did respond that they were able to find someone who rented boats on trailers that you could tow down there, but He couldn't provide the name at the time. If I can find it I will post it for you.


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