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    I'm going to get a Lowrance 527c for my boat. I wan to know how many of you have electronics on your boats and specifically, for those of you with river sleds, where you have your tranducer mounted. I have a 22' SeaArk. Does anyone have it mounted to the bottom of their boat? I've heard this greatly reduces the effectiveness of the unit. I'm going to have stabilizers welded to the back of the boat and I'm thinking I would mount it there. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated. I posted this here VS the Boating fourm because I thought it would get more visibility by fisherman, sorry if I am mistaken moderators. Thanks!!!!!

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    Default fish finder

    stanly if you can mount it on the back of youre boat on the outside it will work much better than trying to shoot thru the hull. I think you can buy a pre fab transome bracket.

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    Just buy it with the skimmer transom mount transducer. It will work much better. I don't have a river boat but my boat is similar to one. I have a Lowrance LMS 350 and with the transom mount transducer properly mounted I have no problem tracking bottom at full speed.

    Here's my rig.


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