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Thread: Gulkana Update

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    Default Gulkana Update

    I know from year to year some people get upset with my updates so I decided this year to slow down and not go tit for tat on what is going on daily.

    It has been a fickle year at best up to date with the rains and water conditions i.e. some days are as best as weve seen and some days are bust. There are rumors abound in teh Cooper Valley that they might restrict and or shut down certain areas based on fish counts at the towers and or escampment goals from Sonar.

    So to let you all know if your heading over to the East side of the state becuase of the King issues on the West side of the State call in advance.

    Sailors Pit Area.

    Monday June 23 - Exceptional Day
    Tues June 24 River Came Up very poor fishing
    Weds River still up - Very Poor Fishing
    Thurs Water coming down - Fishing was decent
    Friday as of 0500 in the AM fishing was picking back up.

    Back trolling bouncing Roe has been working the best, Bank fishing is producing ok when the river is fishable.

    If you look at the ADF&G Numbers keep in mind they are based on a ratio of fish i.e. 15 minutes 3 fish pass multiply by the magic number and you get your hour count x 24 hours = the day etc........ The main issue with the numbers posted on the ADF&G web site is they have trouble providing accruate data when the river is cloudy so if you see one day with no fish passing it might have been becuase they could not see them.......

    Fishing above the forks has been respectable. With the 4th of July coming up expect increased power boat traffic from Sourdough to 12 miles above the forks considering the water is somewhat high power dudes will have options to go a little higher than normal.

    Has this year been as productive as most (NO) is the fishing decent (for the most part) as long as the water does not go up to fast to often which this year it seems to be doing.

    Thought I would just toss it out there in case someone was planning. I am not trying to have people not go to the Gulkana nor trying to hurt anyones business as most of you know we also provide a guide service in that area.

    Tight Lines and Best Wishes

    Blue Moose

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    Question Thanks

    Thanks for the update. Have you seen many Reds yet?

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    Gulkana has been really good for us as well.
    We have Kings in the freezer and my husband went back to continue for this next week.

    We plan to do one more run for Gulkana mid-July before Kings are done in that area for the season and then go on to Valdez for the Kids Pink Salmon Derby.


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