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Thread: Kings 3 weeks late???

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    Default Kings 3 weeks late???

    Seems fishing is finally picking up at Ship and the Tailrace... is it really possible (although weak) the run is 3 weeks late?

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    Default it would seem so

    Just spent the last three days on the Kenai Peninsula talking with all the fish processors down there. It seems that might be the case; and that there is much speculation as to the why's and wherefor's of it. Bottom line though is that much of the season is starting to close down....Anchor/Ninilchik/Deep Creek....hopefully will finally be able to catch one on the Willow though

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    Default Tailrace

    Was at Eklutna yesterday morning from 5am to 10 am, saw three caught one other hooked up briefly and then nothing else, this was all before 8am. Fish are rolling however but I personally think that is the one paid to swim back and forth.. lol


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