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Thread: CG rescues 2 out of Seward

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    Default CG rescues 2 out of Seward

    Here is the link from the ADN
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    Wonder how they ran aground? Glad to hear they were both in good shape.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alaska Gray View Post
    Wonder how they ran aground? Glad to hear they were both in good shape.
    That can easily happen at places like Tonsina Point. River mouth empties into the current, cuts a deep channel, but all around it are gravel shoals that, to the untrained eye, look like wind over the water. If they are caught at the tail end of an o/b tide, it is easy to beach ones' self in there....and if wind is opposite tide, easily makes for standing waves. I have ground my kayak for instance in Pederson Lagoon. It was like someone flushed a toilet and the tide ran out so fast I was left in ankle deep water. Had to get out and pull kayak about 200 yds to get back into a deeper channel....I have also had skiffs out by Tonsina and can easily see how an inexperienced person could easily catch themselves in poop like that.....
    Just another example of people with poor decision making skills finding themselves in the ringer...I personally know of one on this forum. Nice guy, but doesn't have the experience/decision making skills to stay out of harms way outdoors, and will find himself in a ringer one of these days....

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    I work with the mother of one of the guys that was rescued. Story is they went out on Tuesday in calm seas and stayed the night in Porcupine Cove. The following morning, as the forecast predicted, the weather had gone fowl. Instead of hanged out tell the weather calmed they decided to head back to Seward. From what I understand they got swamped over the stern and ran for the beach. Guess they tried to bail the boat on the beach but with surf continually crashing on their stern you can imagine their fate. Everyone else around was hold up in other coves and anchorages so no help was available.
    Guess someone finally relayed their distress call via 16 to the CG in Kodiak.
    I asked, “Do they check the forecast before they go out”? She said, “They normally do but the weather was really nice on Tuesday.”
    Bet that guy will pay more attention to the forecast next time, or at least look at.

    Live and learn, just glad everyone was ok and got home safe.
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    My point exactly about the decision making. Weather will get people every time, and it doesn't take long for it to go from glass calm to real nasty. So many "What were they thinking" aspects to that scenario.....


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