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    Default Chest Waders

    Just wondering what pair of Chest Waders is Good to buy. I'm not to big on the neoprene waders but the light weight waders would be perfect. Went to Sportsmans and there are so many different pairs I don't know which ones to buy. I'll use them for fishing and some atv/early hunting. Any Info would be awesome. Thanks.

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    Default waders

    Check out the Wright and Mcgill waders at B & J's. I bought some this past winter, and have been very happy with them. The customer service at B & J's is also second to none. here is a link to check them out.


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    Default Patagonia Waders

    I have 2 pair of patagonia waders. Not cheap, but very nice waders. I bought my last pair at the Fly Shop on Lake Otis and Dowling, a little south of the intersection. I got my pair for 1/2 off. And they actually had my size (short and stout). Don't know if their sale is still going on, but it might be worth checking...


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