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Thread: MSR Fury...destroyed?

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    Unhappy MSR Fury...destroyed?

    I have a new MSR Fury(msrp $450) that got badly torn by my stupid dog. She tore through the back end of the tent through the rainfly and the main body carefully making sure that she damaged both sides of all the main seams preventing an easy repair. MSR will fix it if I pay shipping + $30/hr. YIKES
    I'm not a tent expert, but it looks like a big job. Anyone know where I can get it locally fixed or should I keep the stakes so I'll have extras for my next new tent?

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    Dogs will be dogs, she's just doing what dogs do to get attention.........I guess it worked!! Sorry about your tent AKTrailblazer. If it were me I would just chock it up as a loss and get another. At $30 per hour and you don't know how long they will be, it could end up costing the price of a new tent. I'd look local and in the meantime order another.

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    If you're in Anchorage, you might call Alaska Tent & Tarp, 562-2293. They did some small camping/kayaking work for me years ago that's held up well. I think they're off International Airport Road.

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    Default On second thought

    After thinking it over, I'm pretty sure akhunter45 is right. If I had all the supplies sitting in front of me, it would take me at least a month to fix!
    That's...12hrs/day...$30/hr...30days...$10,800----I'm going to Barney's to buy a new one.

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    Default Don't give up so easily


    Don't give up so easily on MSR. I have been in their shop and you would be suprised how quickly and easily they can fix stuff. It may not take more than an hour or two to sew everything back together. They might even do it for free. What do you have to loose? They do great work.


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    Default Get an estimate

    I agree with Coasty on this one. Keep the stakes, send the rest back to MSR and ask them to give you an estimate before they start work.

    If it's near replacement value, tell 'em to enjoy the spare parts and patch material - you're only out shipping one way. If it's cheap, give 'em the go-ahead to fix it.


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