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Thread: Caribou 20b-20f question

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    Default Caribou 20b-20f question

    I am trying to plan my first caribou hunt this year. I do not have a permit and I am looking at hunting 20b-20f. Does anyone have any knowledge on the area and the herd? Any advice would be be appreciated. Thanks

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    Default White mts herd

    The caribou that I've encountered in Unit 20F have all been near the headwaters of the Tolovana river and Hess Creek. Really difficult country to access during the fall hunting season. You might try 25C, with access off the Steese Highway and the Nome Creek Road. Not a lot of caribou, but not a lot of hunters either. Access is limited to non-motorized for a good portion of the caribou range.

    FWIW, I saw a couple bands of caribou off the Pinnell mountain trail last weekend (June 21). One group included some really nice bulls. Perhaps some of the biggest I've seen in the White Mountains.



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