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    Ok the red numbers have dropped seriously on the copper and they don't look like they are coming back, So...... What will you all do now Still try at chitna? Gas is expensive and the dipping has been real slow. I am thinking I may take my chances on the kenai in july. I just hope that run doesn't bottom out or show up too lat as well.

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    We are going to give it a go this weekend. Hopefully we'll catch the tail end of the fish that passed through 12-14 days ago and pull some out of there.

    The runs have been so high the past few years that I think people forget these numbers are more in line with what they used to be, granted this season seems to be a little below average.

    Can't get 'em if you don't go.

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    Can't get 'em if you don't go.
    Yeap if you want fish you gotta get your line wet.


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