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Thread: looking for dalton grizz recipies

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    Default looking for dalton grizz recipies

    anyone stick any grizzlies or have any suggestions? Will they will be on berries, in higher elevations? how high? I would appreciate any help, since I have been up two years in a row and never seen a bear, but stuck a bou both times. mostly around toolik lake is where I have been hunting, do I need to go further north or in the brooks range?

    thanks guys/ good luck this year!

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    I've only been up there once, so I'm by no means an expert. I did see some grizz, though. We were hunting up past ice cut aruond the Sagwon Bluffs. We saw two bears and heard of another one or two in the area. Don't know if it's a hot spot, but they're there...for what it's worth.


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    Default Permit for Dalton Grizz

    I've seen nice grizz each time I've hunted the Haul Road. They can be seen just about anywhere up there. We've seen them from Atigun Pass to Deadhorse.
    HOWEVER, to hunt grizz in the Corridor you have to draw a permit. No more general grizz hunting up there within the archery corridor. It's been that way for the past few years.


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