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Thread: heading for karta lake

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    Default heading for karta lake

    we are headed for karta lake july 19th any pointers?

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    Besides fish it? Are you staying at the lake or in the cabin on the river?
    I never did much fishing in the lake, but don't know why it wouldn't produce.

    I would think you'd have most of your fun and action on the river. Lot's of great runs and holes to try flies or lures. I've never fished it mid-summer but could be some hold-over steelhead and early salmon runs going on. Spring and fall fishing was always good for trout, I would expect you'll find them there along with dollies.

    Egg patterns and dry flies should get you some action if your fly fishing.

    Have fun, it's a beautiful river.

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    we have the cabin on the lake july 19th thur the 26th


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