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Thread: Trout in fast flowing creek?

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    Default Trout in fast flowing creek?

    Went out to Ship Creek on Elmendorf a few times the past couple weeks to fly fish and spin cast with spinners, but it's been pretty fast-flowing...I've never been out on the water more than a slower run, so does anyone have tips on flying in fast water, or should i just try to find the slower bends or pools?

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    I just wade in as far as possible and cast downstream. Kinda like back trolling.

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    As far as spin-casting goes, a reel with a 6.0:1 or faster gear ratio and a good mini-plug are hard to beat in fast water. You'd be surprised what a trout slayer the Yo-zuri 2-inch Pin's Minnow is. It outperforms Countdowns and other mini Rapalas by so much that the two baits aren't even comparable. Pin's come in 1/16oz floater and a 1/8oz sinking "SW" model. Both models run incredibly well in all but the fastest water (see-to-believe well). Hooks are super sharp as well and stay that way. My favorite color pattern is baby brook. (But don't get the rainbow trout model... looks great in the store but the back shows up way too bright of green in the water). I just looked and they have four new colors.... two of em' look awesome: creek chub and brown trout.

    As far as spinners in fast water, my favorite by far is a 1/16oz Vibric Roostertail. White almost always works the best for me. As you probably know, Vibric Rtails are built like a Panther Martin - blade isn't attached to shaft... shaft goes through blade. That makes them spin much easier when casting upstream or side-stream. And it takes a lot for them to stop spinning (unlike original Roostertails, Mepps, Shysters, etc, etc, that immediately shut down when a tiny piece of grass or other debris gets caught up in the shaft).

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    I'll be sure to check them out!! thanks

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    You're welcome. Please let me know how you do if you end up trying out a Pin's and/or a Vibric R'tail.

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    I'll be sure to check them out!! thanks


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