Been doing this for years, all over the lower 48. Got stationed up here and have tons of decoys,9 (over 200) a dog, boat etc....Have hunted here for 3 years hard and love it. Looking to find the Geese, I have busted plenty of my feathered friends out of Jims Creek area, and the flats and seen the geese fly the river toward the glacier, just need to find where they are feeding. I hear there are plenty of fields tucked back in along the river and I will assume they are eating there or in the fields around Palmer/Wasilla. I really want to gain access to some ground utilized for geese. If someone has the land and access and needs someone to do the calling/bring decoys and dog etc with experience then let me know. I am not looking to take anyones spot,,just join in on the fun with fellow waterfowlers and have a blast killing some geese and ducks. I have always been a big advocate of taking kids hunting and will help any new waterfowler both young and old in learning the ropes. Send me a message and let me know how we can help each other. I am all about having a great time and will never stress over the small stuff. If anyone has any other ideas on where we can set up to kill some geese or information on locatoins..please let me know. I am really not into pass shooting,,,there is just soemthing about them landing 5 feet from you and yelling "Take EM"