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Thread: Big Bore Revolvers Can Be Very Effective

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    Default Big Bore Revolvers Can Be Very Effective

    The 475 Linebaugh was vey impressive on the Moose on the left as well as on the Bear on the left.

    This was in 88 and that is the very first year that the 475 was available and the very frist is 475 built by Bowen. The load was a LBT LFN made from straight wheel wieght that wieghed as cast 390 grains. The load consisted of Winchester 45/70 brass cut down to 1.4" and loaded with 295 and ignited by Federal Mag pistol primer for about 1350 FPS.
    The Moose I shot in the shoulder at about 40 yards and that was all that it took.
    The Bear came in on us as I was chopping the antlers out of the skull. My partner shot him first with a 338 Win, and the bear went down and immediately got back up. The Bear was angeling away and I shot him at the back of the rib cage on line for the off shoulder and all 4 legs went straight out spread eagle style and that was that.

    The 475 impressed the hell out of me that day and still does.

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    God Bless the .475 Linebaugh! It is hands down my favorite big-bore handgun cartridge.

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    I do not own a 475 but have had the pleasure of shooting one many many times and love it .
    Never took any game just killed lot's of targets from light loads through very heavy explosive hunting loads .
    jwp500 congrats on the very fine critters , that 475 has done the job quite well.

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    Nice collection of trophys you have there. Good job!

    I have always liked the 475, they are very effective. It would be my choice for most effective handgun I've ever used but I haven't used any of the 50's. My FA 475 has been around some and I've taken several animals with it but no bears. We now have he 475 short brass to use for lighter plinkin' loads adding versatility to this big bore.
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