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Thread: Save your GAS! Do Lawn Work!

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    Have traveled hundreds of miles the last 2 weeks on the Big Su drainages from the the mouth to the LW North and up the Yetna, Lake Creek, Indian, Moose and many super secret spots to the west to the Tal and Otter Creek and beyond. Little to nothing. Have fished and guided these river sytems for 28 years and this is a poor as I have ever seen it. Ya wana know whats up? To many peolpe with to few resources! It starts in the river with poor survival Ah Mother Nature! Then the littles fish guys get eaten by NP, hey but lets not do are part and target them whilist were out! Then lets let Sarah bow to the commercial fleet and kill Thousands of juvenile fish as bycatch in the nets. Then back to the inlet where 40 to 60 beach sights take ther toll although not this year! And oh ya, the SCInlet boys, they get theres to in unrestricted guide and sports catch-OK I know you get 5 in the Cook inlet sure looks like the same guys out every day-HMMM. And then there is me, I canceled my entire guide season for poor fishing -Sorry local buisness folks and my 2 laid off employees! And now my family 1 to 3 fish a day and most NONE! How do we fix? How do a minority of out of state sport and commercial people groups continually take a majority of our resourses? Yikes, Save Gas Do Lawn Work! Call the politicians maybe one day it will work?

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    Couldn't agree with you more....let's restrict guiding licenses to residents only! Sick and tired of these out-of-stater's coming in and raping the resources.....then heading out of town come September. They have zero respect for anyone else on the river as well....on a personal note....I have usually limited myself to 1 King per year anywhoo...just glad the misses caught her first King ever this summer.....haven't gotten mine....starting to focus on Red's anyhow. Then Silver's then 'Bows, then moose, then 'Bous......
    Still trying to figure out how to fit work into the schedule

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    The only solution to congestion is better access to other regions. We have all watched the accessible areas get hammered. Gotta spread the people out or your piece of the pie will continue to shrink. And you gotta take advantage of what is available and not what you wish was available. e.g. No Salmon=catch Rainbows, Pike, Grayling, Whitefish or turn your focus on shooting bears and wolves. The same thing is happening with fish as what has happened with the game. Too many predators of all sorts taking them. Gotta manage the predators (even the ones at sea whether they swim or float in a trawler) , if we want to have returns. When was the last time anyone heard of a foriegn vessel intercepted and escorted to a harbor to punish the predators? It has been awhile since any of this has been in the news. Do you think these factory ship owners finally got the message and stopped raping our resources at sea? I very seriously doubt that. I think the Coast Guard is busy doing other things right now and left a gaping hole in our territorial waters and the lousy treaties we have are not being honored without enforcement and penalties.

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    Quote Originally Posted by akseakayaker View Post
    Still trying to figure out how to fit work into the schedule
    Don't do it, I hear that it's (work) a worthless endeavor not worth scheduling in.


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