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Thread: I need to rent a boat

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    I was just wondering if anyone new of a boat rental place that has a six to eight passenger boat I could take out and rent for a day or two I have a truck just can't find one in the Anchorage area, and the ones the Valdez are 50 hp. Anyone could help much appreciate any info.

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    Not sure where you are looking to go out of but in whittier this guy rents boats to take out and has some new ones that are bigger than listed. Whittier Boat Rentals Whittier, AK Toll Free (866) 667-2628 Internet Email We rent 20 & 22 foot Hewscraft SeaRunners and 18 & 20 Valco BayRunner off-shore skiffs. Use our GPS to fish our Honey Holes. Catch Halibut, Salmon, Deep-Sea Rockfish & Cod. Visit Glaciers, View Orcas, Eagles, Otters and Whales.


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