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Thread: Predator calling around Anchorage?

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    Default Predator calling around Anchorage?

    Hey all,
    I just moved up to Anchorage from WY. One of my favorite pasttimes is predator calling. Is there a good population of coyotes and foxes near anchorage? I haven't read or heard of much in the terms of coyotes. I would really like to add a few AK coyotes to my collection. Thanks for any help. Heres a few WY coyotes I've got:


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    Welcome to the board Ernesto. Theres lots of good reading through this forum on predator calling, and come this fall I'm sure you'll being just fine. Good hunting to ya.

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    Default Good luck

    Hello from a transplant Coloradoan-

    You best bet is to search through the archives on this forum. Every fall, guys just like you ask the exact same question. I'm down in Homer and have been calling for about 6-7 years. Every year I seem to find another prospect that I put into my back pocket for later. This spring I called in my first wolf and put a .22-.250 into her. You'll find that calling in Alaska is completely different than in the midwest. Coyotes aren't the top of the food chain and they won't come directly in. I believe they are always worried about wolves beating them to the food source. The problem is that wolves are always on the move so they are hard to target. They only place I've had coyotes bee-line straight into me is on the beach after a big snow. On the rivers they really are nervous and will try to circle around you. What I'm getting at.......lots of scouting and have patience. Most guys up here have their secret areas that they wouldn't share with their own mother. I also trap/snare the same areas that I call, so I wouldn't want anybody hunting my area. Good luck and show us your pics. Another good source is (great white north forum).


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