ARC reports:

Friday was the Mid-Range Prone event. We had 14 shooters which is better than I thought we would do since it's a work day. I won the match so, of course, I found it delightful. Do you members like the new Mid-Range Prone? Let me know. We are running an extra Mid-Range Prone match this year. The nice thing about Mid-Range Prone matches is that you can accommodate "F" class shooters and Black Powder can shoot too. We had 4 "F" class shooters at the May 31 match. "F" class looks comfortable, and it seems to be catching on all over the country. We don't have many opportunities to shoot Palma rifles or Long Range rifles, so it's a good place to shoot that bolt gun that is gathering cob-webs in the safe. Older eyes are more accommodating to scopes too. This past Friday we had a special treat. Two wolves showed up, one black pup and a very large gray. You don't see many wolves even when they are supposedly numerous. On Saturday we had 15 shooters for the Regional Championship. Fairly good weather and no surprises with the win going to Ron Fleischhacker. On Sunday we had our EIC match rain, wind and all. Just enough non-distinguished shooters showed up to make a leg. And, even though the weather was nasty we never had a questionable ceiling issue during the match. Range Control was accommodating so we were able to finish the match without problem. Ron Winkelman won the match and Pat Butler got the leg points for the non distinguished shooters. This was a close finish with Mark Friest getting the same score as Pat. X count determined the winner.

Lee Watne