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Thread: Boresnake Removal

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    Default Boresnake Removal

    I thought I would pass this along. I have had a problem since I was a teenager. I force stuff. I break lug nuts, doors, clutches, and anything else.
    I figure that if I apply enough force that I can do anything. Well this backfires constantly.

    Case in point...

    The Mark V Weatherby that is my new best "grrl" as in pet rifle. It shoots very well and I was worried about copper buildup. I talked to the shop where I bought it and went on the Weatherby Forum where everybody just said clean it thoroughly.

    I took my old 300 Win Mag boresnake and soaked in in Copper Remover compound. I pulled the boresnake through from the breach to the muzzle and pulled it through. Then it got stuck. Like really stuck.

    I decided I would muscle that thing out; I pulled and pulled and the veins on my forearms and forehead both started popping out.

    Needless to say, I beheaded the snake. So I have a Boresnake stuck in the barrel of my favorite rifle. I go in the internet. I find one problem similar and they used a brass punch and drove it through the breech. That sounded like it would make the stuck snake even more problematic.

    I decided to get a brass screw and screw it into the end Breech part of the snake's ***** end. Well, sure enough I got it in and tried to pull it out with 50 lb test.

    Line Broke.

    Finally I found a camera strap from an old 35 SLR camera that I found in a dumpster. I repeated driving the screw into the snake and then used compound pressure to remove the screw. The Screw popped out again but it freed the stuck snake and the dead snake is out of the pipes and I am happy again.

    I know that people probably wouldn't get their snake stuck in their favorite rifle or at least admit it but I figure that I would pass this experience on.



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    Thanks for the info Thomas. I haven't beheaded a snake yet, but I do use them on occasion and I have worried about that very problem ever since I heard of them breaking on another forum.

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    Default Why?

    I've been using Boresnakes on various calibers with no sticking problem.What was the caliber of your WBY? If it was .30 cal., I don't know why it stuck. Could you enlighten me?

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    Default ??????

    Simply, I don't know why. Thats why I thought it would work if it worked for my 300 Win Mags. I have two. I would use it constantly.

    I know that the weatherby barrel required 18 patches until all of the copper and powder deposits were cleaned off.

    I don't know why it got stuck or broke.



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    Default Stuck boresnakes

    There is another site that I get on that about every 2 months someone asks how to get a stuck boresnake out.

    The worst way mentioned on it involved using a wooden dowel to "try" to force it out (just makes problem worse). Only thing I can think of is that the fool that keeps making that "suggestion" likes the idea of making the problem worse.

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    Wow, people really buy those? :-)

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    I also have had a bore snake stuck. After the first ordeal I figured that there had to be a better way. Now all my snakes wear an additional 50lbs test kevlar fishing line attached to the rear end... It makes removal much easier

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