Where the last report summary was, “wow”; this week’s is “ow”! While the early run king salmon continue to trickle into the Kenai, the catching tanked! The water level is still on the rise, this has resulted in an abundance of flotsam that offers some difficulty in presenting the perfect offering. Likewise, the expected, annual, “Killey River Dump” occurred on Monday afternoon taking the visibility from over 4 feet to mere inches. I am still hopeful that the run is simply late. Nevertheless, while other rivers around Alaska are experiencing extremely low returns and restrictions or closures, the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers are still experiencing an average return of King salmon.

Kenai River
As mentioned above, fishing was particularly tough this week; catching was even tougher. While we did see some clearing of the water on Friday with some great action on some parts of the river, things were still slow. The sonar counts ran between 200 and 300 chinook per day entering the river.

Throughout the week, the majority of boats on the river went home empty and limits were exceedingly rare. We did hook and release 5 kings on Friday despite the conditions. It seemed that back-trolled eggs behind a bright colored spin-n-glow or cheater was the tackle of choice. We did hook one on a kwikfish however.

Kasilof River
The Kasilof River fished a bit better this week than last. While folks still have to work a bit for their fish, kings are being caught. Again, the best success has been out of drift boats. An associate, Don Drury, declared a fantastic week of fishing, right up to Friday when things seemed to slow down a bit. He indicated that he was catching a large percentage of natives, ranging up to 35 pounds. He did report some minor crowding on the native days however.

Cook Inlet

Cook Inlet continues to produce halibut as expected. The size is still on the smaller end of things, but this is expected to increase as the summer progresses. At this point in time, the Cook Inlet remains at 2 fish per person per day with no changes in sight on the horizon. Out of Homer, check out WWW.BONEYARDBAITS.COM (AOD member). He is reporting great catches out of Kachemak as well.

Area Lakes

The lake fishing continues to produce great entertainment and exceptional success. The Swanson River Canoe trails are often an excellent option for getting away from the crowds while having great opportunity for bending the rod. This is a frequently overlooked fishing opportunity because most are so focused on harvesting salmon to fill the freezer.

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