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Thread: How to plan for dippin'

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    Exclamation How to plan for dippin'

    Most of us have some planning resources and although the overall assessment of run timing is a "crap shoot" (good one, Brian ): you CAN plan somewhat when to do the dip on the Kenai/Kasilof...

    Step one: Call the commercial recording for EO's 907-262-9611
    this will give you emergency opener information for the commercial guys in addition to run counts. ALSO you get the OTF index which is species specific. The off shore test fishery index is what ADF&G uses to determine EO's and you can also use this information to give a guesstimate as to when a SLUG is going to hit either fishery. OTF's above 85 typically push a fishable amount into the rivers as long as the tides and weather cooperate. A westerly or south westerly wind will normally push the sockeye from the inlet into the mouths of the Kenai/Kasilof. To get a good weather forecast: - Kenai Alaska

    Step two: Check the run counts:

    in contrasting the previous years' run data you can ESTIMATE when the best time is going to be to dip.

    Step three: check this website and the other one for fishing reports; when you see some positive feedback you can start to get ready to hit the road.

    Hope this all helps you!
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    I'm taking notes as you speak..

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    Hi Robb,

    You mention cooperative tides... what is the best timing when it comes to tides and dipnetting.

    Also I went to B & Js yesterday to get a Kenai Keeper and the lady behind the counter acted like I was asking for a martian oosik, tried to sell me some POC from China, eventually she found someone who knew what I was talking about and said they have been out for quite a while. Just wanted to let you know. I could probably make my own but it looks like you and your father in law put quite a bit into it and I like to support local ingenuity.



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