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    Default omg!

    Has anyone been on the Chena as of late? I dropped the boat in today and headed down towards Pike's and I have never seen the River so shallow in the past 6 years here.Right there at the BLM beach I was rock skipping my boat across a gravel bar Ive never seen.

    Anyhow I talked to one fella and he said he had a friend a few days ago catch a Jack (salmon) ??? Has anyone caught or heard of anyone else catching Kings yet in the Chena? I know the river broke early and all but Kings in this early hmmm? Daniel

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    Kings won't be in the Chena for another month from what I understand.

    We noticed that the Chena was low today. We dipped in at AlaskaLand (Pioneer Park) and floated to the Riverboat Discovery. We wanted to go to Pike's Lodge, but my students were too worn out to even consider going on.
    We did see a TON of fish skipping and enjoying their time with us today, though... so they are out and about.

    We stopped at the Boatel to have coffee, order KFC, and I chatted with another boater about the Chena and we agreed that it was a tad shallow.

    My nephew also noticed it as well.

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    Default kings?

    well i dont know if they are here yet but i suppose they coould be. the earliest i have caught them was 03 on the 5th of july off nordell(sp?) so thats a few river miles but might only take them a few days to get there. but there is always the early ones that show up so im not ruling it out.

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    Default It's possible...

    I recall them being in the mouth the end of June a couple years when I lived up that way. We'd usually start catching them first or second week of July.


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