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Thread: Tactical Light for Rem 870 Marine

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    Default Tactical Light for Rem 870 Marine

    Does anyone know of a Tactical light that matches the Nickel Plating on a 870 Marine? I've been scouring the internet without luck.


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    Default good luck

    most tactical lights are just that....tactical. You won't find a nice shiny "tac" light. You may be able to make one up from various parts though. Check out or

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    Wink MAtching?Tacticle?

    To what purpose?
    Get a Surefire forend and you'll set set to go. I have yet to point my Robar Custom 870 at a felon that didn't comment on just how tacticle it looked-nary a word about the black Surefire not matching the silver 870.


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