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Thread: Fossils in the Fairbanks area?

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    Question Fossils in the Fairbanks area?

    The below discussion thread of fossils pertains only to South Central. What about fossils in the Fairbanks/Interior area?

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    None I ever heard about in the Fairbanks area. Might have something to do with the fact fossils aren't associated with swamps and tree covered hills.
    Mountains, rock outcroppings and coal deposits are the logical areas to look.
    Seems there should be some way up on the Steese or Elliot, I just never heard of them, I found lots in the Brooks Range. The closest to Fairbanks that I know about for sure would be Suntrana Creek near Healy, fossil plants, seeds and sticks associated with coal. I wouldn't send anyone there because I heard the pickings ain't all that great. There isn't anywhere in alaska, with pretty easy access, that rivals the Glenn Hwy mountains for fossils.
    This is just my 2 cents, maybe someone else knows of some fossils close to Fbks.


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