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Thread: Portage Glacier? Worth the pics?

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    Default Portage Glacier? Worth the pics?

    Hi guys,

    I was going to visit Portage Glacier but a cab driver told me its hardly worth it anymore. She said its hardly even visible if at all from the tourism office.

    Is this true? Is it worth a visit for a few pictures?

    I have to admit, the cab driver didnt seem to know that much. I was even told by this same cab driver that NO ONE EVER eats the clams in Alaska...

    So, maybe this cab driver is wrong?
    Random guy in Fly shop: "Where did this happen???? In real life or in Alaska?"

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    It's fine if you drive around the side of the left lake and go through the first little tunnel like you're going to Whittier, but I wouldn't make a seperate trip out there. If you're going to Whittier at some point you'll drive right by the best view. Budget an extra 30-45 minutes and walk through the visitor center out there. It's not anything amazing, but they do have lots of good local info.

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    I was there in 1981, It was an amazing site, I only hope I can find those old photos.

    today ? Nope in this case the cab driver was right !! I was there again in 1997, a huge disapointment and waste of time.

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    Majik, sent you a pm.


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