The June issue has been out for two weeks.
It seems that the event timing is off for a first of the month publication. This month we covered an intro to a hunt test for newcomers, article on Alaska Dockdogs, and the shelter groundbreaking. I donít know about you but the cranky old men that complained about the cost of the new shelter just seem to be animal haters. As I have come to know the officers and staff Iíve found how much they put into the shelter and the animals. Itís made me want to help more.

During one trip into the shelter to gather photos for the newsletter in late May I saw a Sharpei, Bouvier, 3 seemingly full Labs, and a Brittany. Must have been purebred day. Some were lost and recovered later over the next few days. By June 3rd we had a new rescued Lab at home. I could not pass him up. My favorite dog is a masculine male about 2-3 years old. I figured he did not have much of a chance of a new home with his history 3 adoptions and still let loose to breed and roam. He has been a challenge with chasing the cat and 2 escapes. This time he did not escape neutering so he is getting used to loosing freedom, his testosterone and being trained by a woman. He seems to have no desire to retrieve. He looks at a ball or bumper with curiosity but only wants it when another dog has it. I am taking him through basic obedience and introducing him to an e- collar but have to really work on de-bolting. He has been chased a lot it seems. I have him responding to the Dobbs method going in and out of the crate but he is no where near conditioned yet. Any one had any luck with a dog like this? Reviving some hunting desire or breaking the wandering habit? He is a strong, good natured dog that will make a good companion at the least.

Please check out and the June PDF. It takes a moment to load the 4.9 mg file. Comments and submissions are appreciated. If you would like to help produce Alaska Dog News please contact me. Writers, photographers are welcome and commission sales is available. Upcoming articles are needed in the areas of hunting with dogs in Alaska, preparing your dog and the kennel for winter. I hate to think about the winter already but we know its coming.

Linda Hennning
Image Works Publishing