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    Just got back from Sheep. I was fortunate and landed one on my third cast. After the first half hour it went dead. Very, very slow. I expect that this maybe the end of the season after this weekend. I feel bad about even taking one now. Should have left it in the water to spawn. Tight lines everyone.

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    Default Hey gconk

    How long were you there? How many other fish got caught while you were there? Did you end up taking the boat and did you see our friends?...

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    Default sheep creek fish

    im glad u caught one however im also glad its just slow. it will chase all but the die hards off. anybody that has fished these streams know that they can turn on and off in a flash.

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    Sorry Stanly, a little tired when I threw the post on there. The neighbor and I went and checked it out. The fish were rolling real hard about 9 pm so it looked promising. So I called the boy and had him bring the boat up. We fished until 3:30. Boy's stayed until they opened the big su landing up again at five. After I left he said only two more fish were caught down in the gut. After the initial flurry of stacked up fish no fish getting caught, no waves of fish coming in as usual. There wasn't alot of fish caught at the initial on slaught maybe 15. It was worst I have ever seen it. We did run into our bud and his wife.


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