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Thread: Proxy Hunting

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    Question Proxy Hunting

    Anyone know anything about proxy hunting? I have proxy fished for a disabled veteran for a few years but never thought about hunting as well.

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    What do you want to know? There is information about it in the regulation booklet and on F&G's website, but if you post specific questions here I'm sure you'd get some answers.

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    I proxy hunt every year for an elderly woman and it works pretty well for the both of us. They get the meat and I get more time to hunt.

    If your looking for moose it has gotten harder to do as you cannot proxy in a antler restricted area anymore which I think sucks.

    Caribou are a little easier and that is what I am doing this year. I proxy fish as well for her. Halibut you cannot proxy either. I think this is a drag as well.

    The problem is too many people have abused the system I think so they are making regulations harder and harder all the time.

    The lady I proxy for is very grateful and for the last 9 years has pretty much depended on me to keep her freezer full. She eats nothing but Moose and fish pretty much and this year I am switching her over to Caribou as that is what I am going after in a unit I can proxy.

    I will be hunting antler restricted areas for moose this year so I can't proxy moose for her.

    I would hope that people with proxies are being honest as I am houshold of 4 and if I get my bag limits I have no need to skim off of a proxy which I think is the root to them cutting back on the rules.

    I feel that just because your not able to get out due to age or physical disabilities you should still be able to utilize Alaskan resources for your household if possible.

    Now I give her my halibut and some of my moose if I don't get to hunt in an area to proxy.


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