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Thread: South Culross Cabin Open tonight and Saturday!

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    Default South Culross Cabin Open tonight and Saturday!

    Little League Baseball and Work (Well, I gotta pay for that new boat somehow!!!!) has forced me to cancel my trip to the South Culross Forest Service Cabin tonight and Saturday (Friday the 20th - Sat. 21st). So, anyone who wants it can have it. I can not cancel the reservation on-line since I am within 24 hours, so I thought I would let my amigos on the Outdoor Forum know about it. Officially you will be squatting, but if you want to take your chances it will be open.

    I will be able to fit in a long day trip on Sunday so I'll see you on the water.

    The Hog

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    I have seen people post cabin reservations on Craig's list when they can't use their reservations. As popular as the PWS cabins are these days, I don't think it would take long to find someone who wants it and you can recover your costs.

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    Thumbs up I'll take it!

    I'll check it out. Is this the cabing in picturesque cove?
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    My boss might want that he is here right now getting rdy to head to pws. How close to the water is it? I am looking it up atm also.

    Awww Doug beat me to it LOL. Congrats!
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    South Culross Cabin details from the Forest Service Site:
    One room 12'x14' log cabin that sleeps 6. Facilities: Table, wood stove, firewood(some searching required), splitting maul, crosscut saw, wood shed, outhouse. NOT INCLUDED: running water, electricity, mattress or bedding, cooking utensils, or cut firewood. Location: One the northwest side of Picturesque Cove on the western shore of Culross Passage, 1.5 miles north of the south entrance point into the passage. It is southeast of Whittier in Prince William Sound. Accessible via floatplane (45 minutes from Anchorage or 55 minutes from Cordova) or via boat (27 miles from Whittier). Refer to USGS map, Seward C4. Max stay is 7 consecutive nights. Maximum group size is 6.

    NOTE NOTE NOTE: The description used to warn you that the cove goes COMPLETLY dry and low tide, and it does. If you get there on a low you have to unload on the outer beach and hand carry your stuff several hundred yards. Definitly be carful going in.

    Good Luck!


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