Just a quick report for the far reaches of NW Alaska. We just lost out sea ice last week and the water is starting to clear up and the fishing will heat up fast. I was out with my son last night and landed 5 Shee Fish in the 7 to 12 pound range. Babies for sure as the good ones will tip the scale at 35-50+ pounds but these guys were fun to warm up on. Early summer we catch the Shee Fish out of the sound in the 25-30 pound range on a regular basis and the big boys are hooked in the Paw, Tag and Selawik River.

Char: Many of you know that NW Alaska is the home to the finest Char fishing in the state with the state record coming out of the Wulik and the Kelly River, the Kuggurok and Wrench Creek also being hot for these big sea going trout. Our Char fishing get red hot in July and will turn insane as the fall draws nearer.

Pike: I enjoy fishing Pike about as much as any or our species. They come big, hungry and nasty. Many or our sloughs boast Pike in the 35-45 inch range and there is a lake in the Noatak Flats that many locals claim has 50+ inchers. I intend on getting in there this summer and finding them. Last summer my son and I hooked a bunch of big Pike in the Noatak Flats in the 35-40 inch range.

If your looking for the finest fishing in Alaska and want a truly wilderness setting to fill your fishing dreams well NW Alaska is your next fishing trip. Give me a call of check out my web site for some great info and fishing pics.

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