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    It's along way to go for pink salmon, crazy I know. I want to take the family somewhere around the 4th of July, maybe the 1st through the 7th. I have heard there are lots of pinks you can catch from shore at that time, maybe some fun for the kids, maybe bring ATV's. Anyone have an opinion if this would be a good place to go?
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    It should be the early part of the pink run in Valdez. Try the Allison point area. It is easy access and as the tide comes in the pinks will be so thick they can be caught on anything. I was there once, the last week of July, and just seeing that many fish was incredible. I used a five weight fly rod and caught fish until it was boring. It would be great for kids and impressive to see for anyone who is not used to it. Flies, pixies, spinners, at times it is hard to cast without snagging a fish. I don't think you will need ATVs and there are several campgrounds in Valdez including one right on the point. Hope for nice weather, but the fish should be there regardless.
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    Watched a seal throwing one around just outside the Narrows two days ago. They are starting to come in. Also thought I saw one jump just inside the port on the same night.

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