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Thread: Klutina vs. Kenai on July 19/20

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    Default Klutina vs. Kenai on July 19/20

    I'm looking for some advice on the Klutina.

    I'm in Anchorage for business on July 18th. I was going to go to the Kenai and fish reds off of the bank over the weekend. Probably wouldn't fish for Kings. I did this last year and did really well. The fish were great, but it was a little busy.

    I've been wondering if maybe I'd have a better time if I just went to the Klutina or Gulkana. I've driven by them, but never fished. In most of the pictures I've seen, the fish look a little colored well do they eat? I'm assuming the crowds will be a tiny fraction of those on the Kenai?


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    Default Imnshpo

    blushed reds are okay on the smoker, darker than blushed reds are not good for anything but spawning.


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