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Thread: Rich Adventures in Whittier

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    Default Rich Adventures in Whittier

    Has anyone used Rich Adventures in Whittier? Any feedback on your experience?

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    Default rich west

    We were refered to him last year by a friend. My wife, Step Dad, little brother, two family friends and myself went out in late July. We departed the docks around 7am, he will let you know when to show depending on tides. We were on the fish by 9am, after a leasurly boat ride with one pit stop on an island for a quick break and so he could get the canvass pulled back halfway. We had our limit for halibut by 11am. We then voted on jigging for salmon. After catching our fill we then went for a few rock fish. He was by far the best charter I have been on. It was an easy drive from Anchorage and a nice flat boat ride to the fishing grounds.

    I cant promise and you shouldnt expect such success, as he told us that that was his best day of fishing for the season so far. But even if you get your limit on halibut anything else is a bonus anyways right?

    I HIGHLY recomend Rich Adventures

    Dan Marshall


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