Four of us took the Swan Lake Route on the Kenai Peninsula canoe trails this past weekend and Monday. We traveled from the West Entrance to the East via Loon Lake. It's possible to make the trip more quickly, but it felt good to us to take it easy. It gave time for sightseeing and fishing.

The weather was good except for some rain the first morning. The bugs were also not too bad except for the portage between Loon Lake and Swan Lake. They were almost bad there. Other places all had skeeters, but some places had few enough that I didn't bother with bug dope.

Max and Annette Finch at Alaska Canoe in Sterling provided the canoes for the trip. These are good, sturdy canoes with a yoke designed for portaging. I appreciate doing business with these two knowledgeable Alaskans, and I appreciate Max's regular contributions here on these forums.

This is Ed and me near the beginning of the trip.

It's not everywhere that you can paddle through the swamp grass as Jacob and Starrsky are doing here. This was a little easier than your ordinary grass paddling due to the little stream flowing between Marten and Spruce lakes.

Long summer nights make for fun on the water late into the evening. This picture was snapped about 10 PM.