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Thread: Sag River Caribou

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    Question Sag River Caribou

    Anyone ever taken a boat on the Sag?

    A buddy of mine wants to take a trip up there in early August. We Can run really shallow (6 inches). Never seen the river and am looking for suggestions. We really just want to take it south until we get out of the 5-mile corridor and wonder if this is doable.

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    Default Sag river

    It's doable either direction, but you really need to pay attention to water levels and weather forcasts. I ran up the Sag from mile 54 to the Ivishak in Aug '02, and when we put in the river was at flood-level. I pulled out 6 days later (with no caribou mind you) and the river was so low I literally had to push the boat over the gravel bars and loading the trailer was very interesting.

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    You really need to be a lot more specific. What type of boat do you plan on taking? The most popular are inflatable rafts. Second are airboats. Last, a *very* small number of jetboats, and most of them are outboards. You can *do* the Sag from pump station 3 to the coast...that said, you may need to eat your Wheaties as there are dangerous spots for the uninformed. Most of the Sag runs fairly deep for a river boat, 2 to 8 feet. Unfortunately there are lots of braided turns that run only 1-4 inches. The biggest problem I have seen is that folks go in okay, then overload on the way out (caribou)...running downstream with an overloaded boat is a prescription for disaster.
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