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Thread: inflatable / dinghy recommendations

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    Default inflatable / dinghy recommendations

    i am looking to buy a raft to get to and from my anchored 20' aluminum skiff. looking for a reasonable priced, durable, long lasting inflatable that can handle some abuse. I'm interested in what you folks are using and if you like what you have. The smaller the better as i don't have much room. was looking at the mercury roll up as one idea.

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    Default nice price....

    ....but a bit big. i'd like to buy new to get a good warranty. something around 7' long is more what i'm after.

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    I picked up the 3 meter air floor inflatable costco has, for $735 your hard pressed to find a used inflatable at that price. So far I've only had it out once. It's perhaps a tad bigger then you are after, but only weighs 80#'s, so fairly managable. Seems to be fairly well built, and costco is great about returns if you get an item that has any problems. There are undoubtedly better inflatables out there, but they'll cost at least twice as much.

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    Check walmart's website for a Navigator III 400. It's a 9 footer for less than $300. I don't know much about materials, etc. but maybe someone else might chime in on what to look for as far as quality goes. I'm eyeing this one as a life raft/tender for a 22' boat I'll eventually buy.

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    go down to west marine. they have one called an RU260, its like 800 bucks. Its an 8.5 footer that only weighs 56 pounds. I own one myself and its a nice raft.


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