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Thread: Russian River Rainbows

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    Question Russian River Rainbows

    I know there have been quite a few of us chasing them since the opener. I fished them on the Russian on saturday and Sunday. Fishing seemed a bit "tougher" so far for them this year. I know the water is high. The one thing I saw though is around 4 pairs on one cut bank, shallow water, well kind of shallow under 16 inches and they seemed to be setting up on thier spawning beds. I watched a huge hen roll and kick gravel and lay over it as a few "crazed" males worked around here. Between the wife and I we saw this with 5 different fish. Are the bows late spawing too. I know is sure took alot of effort to get them to hit too all over the river. Just wondering what your guys and gals thoughts are on this. I have fished this stream for a long time and dont recall seeing them doing this in mid june.
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    It's a late spring/summer. The water temperatures are not as high as they normally are for this time of year. This will prolong the spawning season.

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    I saw it on the middle Kenai on Wednesday as well. I was fishing from the shore on the upstream side of the mouth of the Upper Killey. There were a number of rainbows sitting in there, most in pairs and holding right over what appeared to be their redds.

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    Saw several Bows on redds myself last weekend, I'm guessing the eggs don't stand a chance with crowds wading up and down the river. It's very discouraging.

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